Mexico Fire Department Recreational Fire Permit

Dial 911 for FIRE emergencies

Approval and fire conditions to burn a recreational fire for current calendar year permit holders are received until 9PM each day. Please do not call the fire department after this time.


This permit is granted in good faith that the permitted fire is carefully watched and controlled by a sufficient force of adults with adequate fire extinguishment equipment. All open burning shall be in conformity to existing laws and regulations of the Maine Forest Service, Department of Environmental Protection and local municipal ordinances.

The following requirements must be met in order to operate a controlled recreational fire:

  1. Prior to each burn, the permit owner must call the Mexico Fire Department at 364-3612 for current fire safety conditions. The Mexico Fire Department may refuse the usage of open fires due to weather or unsafe conditions (dry air, windy, bad weather, state-wide ban, etc.)
  2. This permit is good for recreational fires only (cooking-size, fireplace, etc.)
  3. The permit holder is responsible for making sure the fire is maintained in a safe location to avoid the possibility of fire spreading to materials capable of burning.
  4. A recreational fire shall have a total fuel area of 3’ (three feet) or less in diameter and 2′ (two feet) or less in height.
  5. Recreational fire shall be contained in a fire ring, pit, or a devise designed for such use. No incinerator-type devises or burn barrels are permitted.
  6. The area within a 5’ (five foot) radius shall be reasonably clear of all combustibles.
  7. Recreational fire shall not be conducted within 20’ (twenty feet) of any structure or at the discretion of the Mexico Fire Department.
  8. All fire must be free- burning. No wet materials or freshly cut brush, or woods can be used that might create a smudge or smoky fire.
  9. This permit is not intended for the clean-up of yard/lawn waste.
  10. No flammable or combustible liquids shall be used to start the fire.
  11. Dry brush or twigs may be used for kindling but shall not be the primary material burned.
  12. This permit cannot be interpreted as a reason to burn leaves, grass, asphalt shingles, tires, rubber products, plastic, wire insulation, paints, solvents or sludge or materials capable of rendering a person unable to breathe.
  13. The permit holder is responsible for making sure the fire is tended by a competent and responsible adult with an immediate means of adequate extinguishment nearby (garden hose, fire extinguisher, etc.)
  14. Fires shall be extinguished when unattended.
  15. The burning must be conducted according to the terms and conditions of this permit and may not create a nuisance. If a complaint of a permitted burn is received by the Mexico Fire Department, the incident will be investigated and if a problem is found, the permit holder may be told to extinguish the fire or be issued a summons.
  16. Any abuse of the guidelines may result in revocation of this permit.
  17. Per Title 12 M.R.S.A. Chapter 807, Article 2, Section 6: Penalty: Not withstanding Section 9701, any person who engages in out-of-door burning in violation of this article, or who fails to comply with any stated permit condition or restriction, commits a Class E crime. In addition, if the State proves that while in vio0lation that person’s out-of-door fire resulted in fire suppression costs to municipal or State Government, the court, as part of any sentence imposed, may order restitution, pursuant to Title 17-A, Chapter 54, to be paid to the government entities incurring the suppression cost. For each violation of this article:
  18. The monetary award for restitution to a municipality may not to exceed $25,000; and
  19. The total combined monetary award for restitution to municipalities and State Government may not exceed $125,000.
  20. The permit holder shall be liable for suppression cost if the fire escapes due to negligence, carelessness, inattention, abandonment, rekindle or not following the listed safety requirements.
  21. As per State Fire Service Law Title 12 M.R.S.A. 9321-A, (see attached) the permit holder shall have a copy of this permit in their possession whenever they burn.

I have read, understand and agree that I will abide by these guidelines and appropriate laws.

Signed: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Date: __________________________________________________________________________________________

Adopted: June 13, 2017