Important Information from the Town Office:

We’ve been receiving comments and questions about the town office and when we will open the building to the public again. There are a lot of pieces that factor into our decision to continue with the service window versus the “normal” way of being open.

First, most of our employees share office space within the building. If one person in the town office falls ill, it is likely the illness will be passed and will result in the town office being completely closed. We don’t want to open ourselves to that possibility.

Next, we’re in the process of transitioning into a new software system that manages town business which is a huge upgrade and will allow us to serve you better and more efficiently. This transition is taking a bit of training and a large amount of data entry. We’re trying to go live with the new software by the beginning of the new fiscal year, starting in July. Keeping the office opened with the service window will continue to ensure safety and limits the chance of illness when it’s all hands on deck trying to implement these changes.

Tonight, the Board of Selectmen voted to allow the Town Manager to close the town office 2 Fridays in the month of April to allow full focus on the data entry and training with the new program. The first Friday closing will be THIS FRIDAY, April 9, 2021. The second closing will be announced as soon as it is planned.

Please know, we understand frustration with the limitations but we are doing our best to prevent a complete office shutdown while providing you the best service we can.

Be well!